Nylon Multi Groove Pulleys,

Multi Ribbed Pulleys ,Multi-V Pulleys

Nylon Multi Groove Pulleys, Multi-V Pulleys, Multi Ribbed Pulleys

About our Multi-Rib Pulleys

Multi-Rib belts, similar to the Poly V® and Multi V®, include the long way groove and give radiant drive by bond. Contrasted and traditional belts of a similar width, Multi-Rib belts advance the contact region, giving you expanded power move. A slender cross segment profile takes into consideration use with littler pulleys than standard V-belts.

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Drive widths can be diminished on the grounds that there is expanded surface commitment taking into consideration expanded torque per inch of belt width contrasted with standard V-belts. Indeed, even in forte applications, this belt and pulley mix works unobtrusively and with insignificant vibration.

Exact Power Per Rib - power can extend from a couple of hundredths of a pull up to 1.7 hp per rib

More ribs mean more power - expanded drive per inch of belt width contrasted with standard V-belts

Pulley size places accuracy in the power

Drives with 4, 6 or 10 ribs - mainstream industry gauges

A few belts can ride on a solitary exceptionally measured pulley

New belt structures improve execution on halfway turns - as little as 1/4 or 1/8 pivot

Made in USA

Poly V and Micro V Multi-Ribbed Pulley Applications:

Portability lifts

Farming automation

Exercise gear

Custom applications

  1. Medicinal hardware
  2. Robotization
  3. Fast machine devices
  4. Polishers
  5. Fans
  6. Dryers
  7. Siphons
  8. Blenders
  9. Gadgets
  10. Atomizers
  11. Blowers
  12. Microwaves
  13. Office hardware
  14. Show segments
  15. Seat lifts and the sky is the limit from there