Mission San francisco solano

Lesly Ascencio 2016

Mission History

San fransico solano was built july 4,1823. This mission is number 21. The Pomo,Suisunes, and Wappo built the mission San Francisco Solano. The founder of the mission is fr.Jose Altimira. How people live at the mission is 996 in 1823. Important dates at the mission is founded on July, 4, 1832 1824 Fray Altimira held an officlal dedicaticnday. The location is Nort n California, San Francisco.

Daily LIfe

People who live ther or fr ears, soldiers Pomo, and Coast, Miwok. What kind of jobs the men do shop, horseshoes, Spurs , nails, tools in the women do carpets, blankets, and clothing in the children do wen to church and school they also weeded the gardens. The crops the grown is bushels, grain, and produce. Was there a school no. Was ther a church yes. The Indians have free time day have games, and relaxation. Daily schedule, wake, eat and sleep.

Mission today

Is the mission open today, is open. Is there a church at the mission today with services, yes. If the mission is still open, dose it have a museum, and museum is open today.


Allison Stark Draper Mission San Francisco New York 200. WWW.missioncalifornia.com