wanted math

in a classroom the kids do lots of math but one day math was gone mr.lam wheres is math said blake we will have to find math what we are said aiden fine .
andrew alejandro kaden look in the lunchroom ok run or walk walk lets go guys
carson evan look in the music room lets go
kaden look around were they put the lunches ok alejandro look under the tables ok and i will look in the stage
evan look in insterments room ok then i will look around the room.I found math evan said wow look out.math get back here oh know the libary
what should we do said riley we will look in the p.e room lets go brenna riley daren stay look out for math ok
where are you math there you are get back here not the books the cost lots of money noooooooo how am i going to clean this i know but this will take a while
I got to cacth math said evan but were is evan to the libary to see if he there but was not it was just carson putting books the books back where there were.
brenna look out the window ok riley look under the desk and i will look around the stations
i got math evan said he put it in a bag and went back to the class room and told every body that he got math and thats how they got math back.