Al Qaeda

By Brodie Jones

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization originally founded by Abdulluah Yusuf Azzam in Pakistan until 1989 where he died from a car bomb in 1989, then Osama Bin Laden had taken over untill 2011 where he was assassinated by the US Seals, then Ayman al-Zawahiri who is currently still leading. Their goals are to have an islamic society and to cause terror, fear, and pain towards the western civilisation. Some key attacks that Al Qaeda have been involved in is the Yemen Hotel Bombings, 911, and the many attacks in Yemen.



On September 9th in 2001 Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had organised four commercial airliners, two directed at the world trade centres, one at the pentagon, and one for the white house but the passengers crashing it into a field. The effect that this attack had on America was massive, it caused many peoples shares to be lost and it also costed over 3,000 lives. This attack had achieved one of their goals which was to cause pain among the western civilisation.