Jack Ma

Executive chairman, Alibaba group

About Jack Ma

Ma became a billionaire not just through brilliant management but also by leading his company in a big, brash way. From the day in 1999 when he founded Alibaba in a Hangzhou apartment, he has exhorted employees to "think big" and "work for their dreams!" He did that himself and built Alibaba into the world's largest online business, with some 100 million shoppers a day and higher revenues than Amazon and eBay combined.

The reason why Jack Ma is so succesful

What was an important event in this leader’s childhood?-

Ma has a pretty chill life story. He grew up poor in communist China, failed his college entrance exam twice, and was rejected from dozens of jobs, including one at KFC, before findiong sucess with his third internet company, Alibaba. Then after years of being uncessful he took a trip to the U.S. to help a Chinese firm recover a payment. Then he founded an internet company for China. Though his first two ventures failed, four years later he gatherd seventeen of his friends in his apartment and convinced them to invest in him and his vision for an online marketplace he called "Alibaba." The site allowed exporters to post product listings that customers could buy directly.

Soon, the sercice started to attract members from all over the world. By October 1999, the company had raised five million from Goldman Sachs and twenty milion from SoftBank, a Japanese telecom company that also invest in tchnology companies. The team remained close-knit and scrappy - "we will make it because we are young and we never, never give up," Ma said to a gathering of emplyees.