God and Cod!

Welcome to Massachusetts!


Vast, green forests to cut down for lumber, and to hunt in. Beautiful, blue ocean for quick transportation and great economic possibilities such as fishing. We have 4,230 miles of river making it easy to get fresh water!


Due to our cool climate we have less disease than what is spread south. We have nice and short summers making sure we don't lose crop due to drought.
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If you want political freedom you can get that in Massachusetts. We have a representative democracy to make sure you get your say in our leaders!
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Tired of the Same Old Englishmen?

Come meet the Indians! They helped us survive the first winter, and they are interesting smart and agricultural! We are great allies with them and we have an annual feast called Thanksgiving. You don't have to worry about fighting them anymore, because we achieved peace with them through war.


The majority of our people are Puritans but our great leaders that we elected allow us to be free religiously!

You can even join us without paying for the ship ride

Be an indentured servant for 7 years and one of our fisherman will pay your fare!


Thursday, Nov. 26th, 5:30-8pm

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Bring food to share with the Indians and other settlers.


Due to our vast vibrant forest filled with lumber to be chopped, and our 4,230 miles of waterways our economy is mainly fishing, lumber, and shipbuilding.

Why The Pilgrims started the MBC

The Pilgrims and John Whinthrop founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony to create a spot where Puritans could be free religiously and improve economically!