This Week @ P.S. 88Q

Together We Can Achieve The Extraordinary. June 1, 2020

Our Children

I am sure you all, like me, are horrified over the events that have taken place over the last few days. From a quarantine, to the death of George Floyd, to civil unrest, images have been coming at us from so many outlets evoking such strong feelings. Such unrest is hard for us as adults, but I can't help thinking of our children. My own two daughters are so affected by what they are seeing and hearing. How do we explain to children something we don't understand ourselves? As we see and hear some of the worst examples of humanity, we look for the best examples within this madness. We must be those best examples. Through this, we must represent hope, understanding, support and most of all, humanity. Our children are looking for and deserve that. I have been affected by so many images and stories throughout this, but one image struck me. A student, who due to the pandemic couldn't participate in his traditional graduation, took a picture to signify this day. It breaks my heart. Now more than ever, we must be the purveyors of equity, fairness, understanding and humanity. As teachers, as leaders, as parents , change only comes when we represent and implement those changes. If anyone would like to talk about what is going on, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Our Virtual Science Fair

This week our amazing science teachers, Ms. Garces and Mr. Santaniello have been hosting PS 88Q's first virtual Science Fair. The students have implemented their amazing science skills to create such innovative projects. To visit our science fair, visit Mr. Santaniello's class and Ms. Garces' class. Here is a link the their wonderful projects:

Movie Night Was A Success

Our Friday Night Family Movie Nights have been amazing! Our wonderful Assistant Principals, Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Palesty host these based on the students votes. it is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun TOGETHER! Thank you Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Palesty for extending Fun Friday into the night!!
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