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Climate- In Congo it is cold from May to September and usually drop below freezing. The dry season is from June to August. That's when temperatures average from 70 degrees to 85.

Geography- Congo is located in Africa and it is land-locked.

Land- Central western regions feature tropical rain forest, grasslands in the north and south, and mountains in the east.


Religion- The religions are christianity, roman catholic, kimbanguism. People attend worship services and public prayers.

Food- Foods include cassava, rice, potatoes, yams, beans, corn, fish, and peanuts. Fruits include mangoes and oranges.

Clothes- The children in Congo usually wear shorts. Women wear long skirts called pagne.

Did you know ......

Congo River

The Congo River is the worlds 5th longest waterway! It is roughly 2,920 miles long !

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