iCrew News: October 12, 2015

Newsletter for classes of Mrs. Blodgett & Mrs. Kochheiser

All Crews News

Here’s where you will find news about events and activities that apply to all students and classes on the iCrew team. Below this section, you will find Mrs. Blodgett & Mrs. Kochheiser’s sections that include specific information to the classes they teach. Mrs. Kochheiser teaches Language Arts and Social Studies to both classes, and Mrs. Blodgett teaches Math and Science to both classes. Reading is taught to homeroom classes by homeroom teachers.

Just Some FYI

NWEA: Between now and the end of October, students will be taking a few new assessments through NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association). Students will be tested in the areas of Language Arts, Reading and Math. Assessments are given via the computer, and results will assist teachers in planning and differentiating instruction. This assessment is then repeated in the winter and spring to track progress toward learning goals for each individual student.

Powerschool: Grades are updated regularly, so please continue to check in often and discuss the importance of your student putting regular time and effort into their work (whether at home or at school). Students who have grades of C- or below will have unsatisfactory performance reports sent home for parent signatures by Oct. 20.

Language Arts with Mrs. Kochheiser

All Crews:

LANGUAGE ARTS: Students working on adding sensory details in their writing, and blogging final drafts. Students studying grammar through authentic examples and focusing on understanding sentences, sentence types, sentence parts including independent and dependent clauses. Spelling lists and vocabulary study guides are given every Monday, and are in students’ IPODS (I’m Prepared and Organized Daily) binders.

Math with Mrs. Blodgett

Math: All Classes

We will be finishing the unit on DECIMALS this week and the test will be FRIDAY (10/16). Expect the study guide to come home tomorrow (10/13)

We will be starting a 6-8 week unit of Fractions, next week. Please make sure your child is making corrections on their Quick Checks.

Social Studies with Mrs. Kochheiser

Social Studies: Unit 1: Social Studies: Five Themes of Geography: Students have selected a country other than the United States to study throughout this year. As we learn new concepts related to geography, students will apply their new knowledge to their assigned country. Currently students are researching the 5 themes of geography using their assigned country as the focus. For example, students are finding absolute and relative location of their country, discovering their country’s region, identifying natural and human characteristics of their country, determining how human-environment interaction occurs, and determining how people and goods are moved within, to and from their assigned country. Students are creating a slideshare to present to the class.

Science with Mrs. Blodgett

Science: All Classes

We are finishing the unit on SOILS this week and will be testing on THURSDAY. A study guide will be coming home tomorrow (10/13)

Reading: Mrs. Blodgett's Homeroom

Reading: Blodgett only

We are starting Unit 1 Week 4 of Reading Street and will be reading a nonfiction passage about the rainforests.

Deadline for Reading Warrior is OCTOBER 30. Students have a goal of 10 books for the quarter. We have been working on this in class and outside reading is expected to reach this goal. It is worth 100 points towards their reading grade.

Reading: Mrs. Kochheiser's Homeroom

Reading: Students have until October 31 to have 10 books read toward their Wild Warriors Reading Goals. Students need to be logging their books in their IPOD on the Wild Warriors Reading Log. We have two more weeks of Reading Street in Unit 1, with a weekly test next week, October 23, and then a Unit test by the end of October. Students should study vocabulary on the weekly study guide. Students are also working on reading fluency daily.

Current Class Read Aloud: Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt: We are participating in a Global Read Aloud. Students from all over the world are participating and reading the same book (over 8,000 teachers are participating and over 500,000 students are being impacted). We are tweeting out (from our class twitter account) our questions and thoughts for others to respond to. Last Monday, the author read the first chapter to all classes interested in participating.

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