Robert Griffin III

By: Brady McBride

Why is RG3 a role model?

He is a very unselfish person. His coaches say he puts his team first all the time. That is why he blew his knee already hurt knee in the divisional championship.


He gives thanks to God. After every big play, he points to God in thanks of blessing him. Also in every press confrence the media says he does it all, his response to that is "My recievers make great plays, and my lineman protect me."


RG3 earns respect from his teammates. They call him black Jesus as a joke because he is so smart and talented.


Robert is avery smart guy. He finished his degree in three years at Baylor majoring in political science.


Robert Griffin III is aleader. He told his team he was the leader of his team. That is a very bold statement for a rookie to say. They believed his words when he backed it up on the field with 7 straight wins to lead them to the playoffs as a rookie.

Leadership.... Continued....

RG3 is a role model to military kids. Military kids now believe in being an athlete because RG3 did it in the same situation they are in. He moved all around the world and still made it big.

His Heart

RGIII is tough and caring about his team. He never gives up and he plays with such intensity. He will do AYTHING for his team. The last two games he games he played with a screwed up knee. He layed it all on the line for his team.
College Football: Robert Griffin III's Heisman acceptance speech

His humbleness shows through this video