By: Vendelin Van Draanen

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Book Overwiew

Want two sides to a story? This book goes back and forth between a boy, Bryce Loski, and a girl, Julianna Baker (Juli). It shows the two different points of views of these characters. this book is fiction but it does show some real life experiences with teenagers.

(Bryce's POV)

Bryce moved in across the street from Juli. Never in his life has he met someone this outrageous and mischievous as she. when he moved in she was at his house in a heartbeat. Ever since then she has been stuck to him and wouldn't back off. She went over to their house every week to give them eggs that she grew on her own. After a while, when they were in middle school, he had lied to her about the eggs and how much they enjoyed having them, she found one of the egg cartons in the trash bag when she had just given them to him. He finally confessed and told her that they didn't want to get salmonella from her eggs because of how dirty her yard was. he started to feel bad and fall for Juli Baker when he was announced one of the basket boys. Yet, he still felt like a Jerk.

(Juli's POV)

YAY! New neighbors! she just wanted to be friends, she never meant any harm. ever since he moved in across the street, she automatically fell in love. She raised her own chickens for a science fair project in an incubator and was selling the eggs around the neighborhood. she just wanted to be neighborly and give the Loski's free eggs. She was still standing outside one morning after she had given the eggs to Bryce and saw the whole carton of eggs in the trash bag. But, in the eighth grade everything changed. she started to give up on Bryce because he was a total jerk and always has been.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed this book because it lets you see both sides of the story. It shows the reactions, and emotions of both of the main characters. It also shows how both of the characters changed, and matured differently.

Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending to this book kind of left you hanging and you really want to find out what happens next. It is a marvelous ending, but it needs to have a little more detail.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book to anyone who really wants to see two sides of the same story. It may sound confusing, but really, its not. having the two sides clarifies the specific details in this book.