Marine memorial

By kieron bettis

The marine memorial

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Marine memorial

The few, The proud, The Marines are a strong group of people. That is why we built the Marine Memorial. It has a long and proud history. There is a reason for everything. That includes why, where and when they built the memorial. We do a lot of things, but we will always respect and remember what the memorial stands for.

There was a lot to do in order to get it built. It cost $850,000 to build it. The marines are the ones that paid for and constructed this memorial. The people on it are 35 feet tall and the flag pole is 60 feet tall. The base of it is made of Swedish granite. It is open daily from 6 pm to midnight.

This memorial has had a long and proud history. The idea of building a memorial for the Marines was thought of Feburary 10, 1945 and it was completed on November 10, 1954. It was made because of the raising of the second flag on Iwo Jima. They took the picture of the flag while standing on top of a mountain.

There is many reasons for where, why and when it was built. It was built in a park in

Virginia because it was overlooking the Senate building. It was made to honor the second flag on the island of Iwo Jima. This flag represented the victory of American Marines when they took over the island.

This memorial represents a lot and shows a lot of respect for what the marines have

done for us. We respect it because it tells up about the raising of the second flag on Iwo Jima.

We show that respect by visiting the park and the Marine Memorial. More than one millon people go and see it every year.

The Marine Memorial maybe just another memorial for some people, but many realize

the sacrifice and dedication of the marines who served our country. This memorial located in

Virginia has a long and proud history. More than a millon people show their respect here every

year. This would be a great place for a family to visit so that kids can understand the sacrifices that allow them to be free, proud Americans.