Middle School North Newsletter

Week of May 15th, 2022

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Upcoming Dates

  • May 9,10,12 - 7th grade Basketball Tryouts (JHN Gym, show up with a completed Physical)
  • May 10th - CMSN Talent show at Cabot First Baptist Church 6:00pm
  • May 13, 16 & 17 - Volleyball Tryouts
  • May 17th - 5th Track & Field Day
  • May 17th & 18th - 6th grade JHN Visits
  • May 18th - 6th Track and Field Day
  • May 19th - Middle School 101 Night
  • May 20th - 2:00 Dismissal for CHS Graduation
  • May 23rd - CMSN Incentive Carnival
  • May 26th - Last Day of School
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Track and Field Days

5th Grade - Tuesday, May 17th

6th Grade - Wednesday, May 18th

Permission Slips have been sent home. Parents may attend this event and sit in the stands with their student's team.

Students will be transported to the CHS football field.

If you plan to check your child out for lunch, please remember to check in with the teacher. We must have written approval in the office for any student to check out who is not your own from their parents/guardians.

Please stay with your child's team for the duration of the events.

JHN Visits

On May 17th & 18th 6th grade teams will be going to Junior High North to tour the campus. Permission slips have been sent home. Please sign and return those. This is a great experience for your child as they prepare to transition to Jr. High.
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2:00 Dismissal Friday, May 20th

Please remember that we will have 2:00 dismissal Friday, May 20th to accommodate those attending the CHS Graduation. 7:00 p.m. Simmons Arena

Last Day of School

Thursday, May 26th is the last day of school. Have a wonderful Summer break!!

Chromebooks, Devices, and Social Media Awareness

Attention parents/guardians

We are very blessed to provide every student with a chromebook that can be used at school and home. We can easily monitor chromebook violations at school, but not while students are home. We are seeing many students on their Chromebooks late at night and early in the morning. In many of these cases students are on inappropriate sites, or playing online games. We ask that you help your student to be prepared for learning each day and practice good digital citizenship by monitoring their chromebook use at home.

Social Media is another area that continues to be a concern. Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms are not age appropriate for Middle School Students. Here at school we are daily resolving conflict and bullying issues that stem from students communicating on these platforms. While students aren't allowed on these sites, or even able to access their cellular devices at school, many are using them at home. Please monitor your students device. CMSN counselors and administration are happy to help you with ways to monitor this from home.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed to be used by students on campus. They are to be turned off in their backpacks during the school day. This includes mornings in the courtyard/gym and afternoons during dismissal. It is very challenging to enforce this when parents are often who students are texting with during the school day. The handbook policy is below.

Elementary Schools & Middle Schools: Students may bring cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices, but must leave them turned off (other than pre-approved medical exceptions) and put out of sight from the time the student arrives on campus until the student leaves campus.

All Schools-The use of cell phones or other electronic devices to photograph, video, or audio record other students or employees is forbidden and could result in consequences up to and including expulsion from school. The exception to this would be when photographs or videos are being made by students for instructional purposes by permission of and under the supervision of the student’s teacher. Students violating this policy will be subject to having their device confiscated in addition to other consequences up to and including suspension or expulsion. Students who use school issued cell phones and/or computers for non-school purposes, except as permitted by this policy shall be subject to discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Counseling Center Corner

Parent Resources

New Parent Guidance Website!!!

Parentguidance.org - Free Parenting courses provided by Cook Center

This site will help you with guidance as a parent on a variety of topics.

One that we have reviewed and find very helpful as a first watch is called

“How Digital Media is Changing Our Children’s Mental Health” (link below)


-Trusted resource for parents with over 50 courses that are anonymous; library by topic