No Teacher Left Behind

Success For All

As a nation it is all of our responsibility to ensure that every teacher and student is given the same opportunity for success. We as a nation have adopted the No Child Left behind Act to ensure that every student is given a fair chance at a successful education. Now the time has come to adopt a similar Act for teachers. Therefore I am proposing that this act ensure that teachers are always up to par with new technology and ways of effectively instructing students.

The reason to be involved in our teachers and childrens education.

Education is the core to life, without the proper education the chances are slim to none for a successful adult life. However, our teachers education is just as important to seeing that each and every student is given fair chance at an efficient education. The only way we will be successful at this is to ensure that our teachers are getting the training and education that they need as well to keep up with our forever changing society.

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