Gifts + Info for Your New Year

Plain and Simple: When You Shine, We All Benefit

In Celebration of the New Year

Dear Friend,

As we start a new year I am ready to rock and roll but it isn't a wahoooo, wild-ass kind of rock and roll. Honestly, it's more of a steady rock and maybe a tumbling kind of roll. It's comprised of all the feelings accrued from the year we're ending and includes anticipation for the one ahead of us. You feel it too?

Still, I can look at the past year with pride and excitement over the connections I've made through my growing life coaching practice, Wild Brook Coaching. We are changing the world as each person clears the way to share their gifts, talent, creativity and smarts with us all. It has been nothing less than awe-some.

So today, consider the three quotes below from clients and and let them take you wherever you need to go. A gift of information accompanies each one, as does a COMPLIMENTARY Sample Session - I want you to start the year on firm and curious ground. Consider signing up for a session throughout the month of January and together we will see what the new year brings.

Onward -- Gari

PS - Decluttering Accountability Groups start soon with weekly or monthly meeting options. Read more and register here.

Thoughts to Support Entrepreneurial Empowerment

  1. This memoir/cookbook, Cooking from Memory by Jackie Jonas, is a stunning example of a good partnership. The essays are profound and the recipes are delicious. Take a look and consider adding it to your library. Think about cooking up Red-Red, the original New Year's celebratory meal that preceded Hoppin' John.
  2. Whether you schedule a sample session with me or not, this form can guide a bit of your thinking as you consider bringing a project to light.
  3. Consider using me as a sounding board or thought partner for one session or weekly, as I am doing with Gwenn Nolan, CEO of a growing company, Mother Compost. (If you live in the western suburbs of Philly, consider this extraordinary service and tell 'em I sent you!)
  4. Schedule a complimentary sample session. NO FEE IN JANUARY!

Thoughts to Support Virtual Decluttering

  1. As you start the new year, try not to succumb to the ads seducing you to purchasing new containers. You can read my thoughts here in my Aspirational Containment post. The truth is, you need to do the work more than you need new containers. Strategize with the ones you purchased last year.
  2. If you live near Philly, this is news you can use: on Monday, January 17 , PAR Recycle Works will be collecting electronics, anything with a cord, at Beth Am Israel, 1301 Hagys Ford Rd, Penn Valley, from 9 am - 1:00 pm.
  3. If you are interested in participating in a Decluttering Accountability Group, please email me.
  4. Schedule a complimentary sample session. NO FEE IN JANUARY!

Thoughts to Support Eat Responsively

  1. Food is good! Sometimes we forget that and demonize food. Worse, we demonize ourselves: I was "bad" today, I "cheated" today. I 'm a failure. I can't control myself. Food is good because vitality is fun and important.
  2. You are what you eat - literally. It's a mindblower but also really cool.
  3. Partnership works because we figure out what do you eat and how you feel when you eat it.
  4. Take a look at this form and see what arises.
  5. Schedule a complimentary sample session. NO FEE IN JANUARY!