Programs for high skilled occupations!

What is an apprenticeship?

Is a good way to prepare for your future, by using on-the-job training in a highly skilled area! An apprentice, is someone who is new in a field and is learning the skills needed for that job. When you are an apprentice you are taught by experts in your field, so that you learn the best way possible.

What makes it different from other programs?

As an apprentice you will earn a pay check while you learn! An apprentice will receive supervised on the job training, with related technical instruction. This is to ensure that you will know all you need to know to be successful! This type of instruction is for post-secondary, community college, or can be employer sponsored. Unlike internships in apprenticeship take 4 years to complete. And at the end of one you can keep your job and earn a higher salary.

Types of jobs that can have apprenticeships?

In Health Care- you can be an optician, a physical therapist aid, or other opportunities in health care

Manufacturing- you can assist mechanics, shop electricians, etc.

Public Safety- you can assist fire fighters, fire medic, and police officer.