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Term 1 Week 3

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Thursday, Feb. 19th, 3:15pm

Union Street

Merewether, NSW

Open House this week.

Come along and ask any question you like.

Work on your blog with support on hand.

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iPad Integration Ideas

Using iPads in Guided Reading

Have students record themselves reading on the iPad. Using the Voice Record Pro (free) app students simply hit record and away they go. Once their recording is completed they can change the title, file name, add an image to the recording and email the mp3 file to the teacher. Recordings are stored in the app and can then be accessed by other students to listen to. A great way to encourage students to become more fluent, use expression and respond appropriately to punctuation.

Using iPads in Maths groups

Use a collage app - there are plenty to choose from. My favourites are Pic Collage (free) and Collage Pie ($2.99).

1. Have students photograph examples of 2D shapes or 3D objects in the classroom. Label each one and list the properties.

2. Photograph numbers from around the school/classroom. Create number sentences using the numbers photographed.

3. Find three objects and insert their pictures in the order of their volume/capacity. Type sentences to show how they relate to each other. The same activity could be completed for length, mass and area.

4. Photograph a clock. Type in the answers to a series of questions e.g. What time will it be: in 5 minutes? in half an hour? in three-quarters of an hour? in one hour? What time was it: two hours ago? 30 minutes ago? 1 minute ago?

Websites of the Week

Photos For Class

Photos For Class has an unbelievable collection of creative common images you can use in class, for your presentations and on your class blog without the risk of breaking copyright (you know who you are!) When you download the image it includes the attribution as part of the image.

Shared by Steph Westwood on Yammer

DK Find Out!

Looking for some non-fiction texts for your students to read? Look no further than this amazing website. Full of terrific pieces of text and labelled diagrams it's a must for your classroom.

Shared by Vivian Harris on Yammer

Learn 2 Love 2 Day

The Math Book Lists section on this website is terrific. There are stacks of books which have been matched to the mathematical content they support.

Be sure to check out the other sections of this website too.


A Punctuation Guide

A very succinct guide to punctuation. Popped up in my feed and thought it was useful. Download the file from the website. I also wanted to include the grandma pic in my flyer this week - it's a long time fave.

Tip of the Week

Did you know you can open any of the eBooks in Mathletics up in Smart Notebook format?

1. Open up the eBook you wish to use.

2. Select the print function.

3. Click on the 'Change Printer' option.

4. Select 'Smart Notebook Document Writer'.

5. Hit PRINT.

6. Be patient as it takes a little while to load. :)

No more screen capturing and pasting! :)

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