Welcome To Intro to ECE!

ECE 1301 Introduction to ECE Practices

Some Tips for Success in Introduction to ECE Practices

  • Purchase your text books
  • Get a study-buddy, especially if you happen to miss the next tip :)
  • Come to class on time and prepared to participate
  • Read your text chapter(s) ahead of the lesson to understand the content
  • Map out and record your due dates (with reminders in your phone)
  • Touch base with your peers
  • Communicate with your professor
  • Ask questions, answer questions, ponder questions, explore
  • Smile often, laugh and have fun
  • Check DC Connect and your DC Email

    By checking DC Connect and DC Email each day you will be sure to stay connected and obtain important information. DC Connect course content and reminders are posted for you to access at any time of day!
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