Cutie Car

Cars that run on ... awwww cuuute

Car that runs on cute 2
Cutie Cars are the next big thing! Cutie Cars don't require gas like many other vehicles. When you purchase a Cutie Car you are given a free gift of a kitten. The kittens cage is built inside of the vehicle where a gas tank usually is. It is open and available for you to feed and water your kitten. In order to start up the car you open the gas tank and play with your cute little kitten. The cuteness runs through the engine like gasoline runs through one. The cuteness of your kitten may start to decrease after two months. We highly suggest that you get an upgrade every two months. Our next update will include puppies, giving you four wheel drive.
The Cutie Car will be funded by LiveCorp and made in their manufacturing building on the Swallow Falls island. The only employees needed will be LiveCorp employees.