Grandpas Winter

Lucas Spaans

What happened.

1. During the 20th Century there were two world wars, numerous hurricanes and typhoons, influenza breakouts, droughts and famines

2.The 20th century has experienced catastrophic climate events. The worst tropical storm of the 20th century occurred in Bangladesh in 1970 where 300,000-500,000 people were killed due to winds coupled with a storm surge.

Trends in the temperature and precipitation during February.

- The way it looks is that the trend slowly increases so it is getting warmer closer to 2014 than it was in 1990. In 1936 it looks like it was the coldest -18 degrees. It shows the trend going up +0.4 per decade.

- The way it looks on the February graph is that it slowly decreases from 1900 - 2010.

The trend shows that it went down -0.01 per decade.

Conclusion for your grandpa/great grandpa.

My grandpa/great grandpa were wrong it was only colder at times and the other times it looked like it was the same temp. The graph showed that it varied date to date. in 1936 was probably the coldest -20! Sometimes it would be colder and others a little bit warmer. Like now in December we are having 50 degree weather and no snow. But it changes eery week sometimes warm and sometimes really cold. Like yesterday was in the 50's and today in the 20's-30's.