Jacque Campbell

January 4th, 2003

On January 13th, 2003-30th American Music Award: Sheryl Crow & Eminem win.

Picture-- Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
George W. Bush was America's 43rd President in 2001-2009.

I am 4476 days old.

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Saturday's child works hard for a living is the nursery rhyme for the week day I was born on.
Sir Isaac Newton 1643 (N.S.) - Physicist, mathematician and I share the same day as our birthdays.

1954 - Elvis Presley recorded "Casual Love" and "I’ll Never Stand in Your Way."
January 26th, 2003 - Super Bowl XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Oakland Raiders, 48-21 at the Qualcomm Stadium MVP: Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay, S.

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