With a 2 Hour Delayed Start

Greetings, Ferguson Families!

Any time Thompson School District announces a 2 Hour Delayed Start, it can cause uncertainty for our families. In an effort to mitigate any confusion in advance, we want you to know what to expect here at Ferguson High School anytime a 2 Hour Delayed Start is announced. Please read the information below so you can plan for the winter months ahead.

#1: Doors will open at Ferguson High School at 10:00 am. The first class period of the day will begin at 10:10am.

#2: The bell schedule at Ferguson High School will not change. Your student will be directed to go to whichever class they would normally attend at 10:10am on that day of the week.

#3: If your student utilizes district transportation to Ferguson High School in the mornings, the buses will arrive 2 hours later than a typical school morning. Afternoon buses are not impacted on delayed start days. Please click the link to access the 2 Hour Delayed Start - FHS Bus Schedule for further information.

#4: To address tardy or absence concerns on a 2 hour delayed start day, please dial 970-613-5300 and then select "1" to access the reception/attendance desk.

** Please Note: The district will not call for a 2 hour delayed start on Wednesdays because Wednesdays already function on a late start schedule. **

As always, please contact Sarah Rosenberry at sarah.rosenberry@tsd.org with any questions or concerns. It is a pleasure to serve our Ferguson Families as best as we can.


Sarah Rosenberry
Ferguson High School