September 4, 2015

Thanks For All Your Patience

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Week at a Glance

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All AIMSWeb R-CBM testing is complete except for 3 seventh grade students, who were absent today.

AIMSmath was started in Math classes today. Wheel Team will score those tests starting Tuesday, during Discovery and 4th Block.

Maze Testing will be held on Wednesday, 9/9, during Homeroom. Again, our fantastic Wheel Team will grade those tests, starting Wednesday or Thursday, during Discovery and 4th Block.

Great job Wheel Team for always beeing willing to do what's best for students.

Classroom Walk Throughs

CWT will start 9/8.

Gradebook from Kathy Beck

With regard to the 10 point grade scale:

This was already setup for all classes and was pushed down by state on 8/25.

If teacher have entered any grades they will need to go into the Gradebook, under Tools, and run "recalculate Final scores"

SAP Training from Kelly Rife

The Phase I SAP Training will be offered on Sept. 25th which is a teacher workday. If you have never received this training, the district recommends it for all teachers. It is required if you would like to be on Core Team or want to run groups.

The training involves recognizing early warning signs of At-Risk students and intervention services available at the school and in the community.

I will send out the TNL # when it is posted.

Embedding Movement in Instruction

  • Embedding Movement in Instruction

Please see attached announcements for two Embedding Movement in Instruction workshops this fall. This is a repeat of content in the EC Summer Institute course and the Movement-based Instruction sessions provided regionally this past school year.

The best outcomes have been when teachers and related service providers attend together. Details for location, day/time and registration are attached for each session. PLEASE NOTE: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THESE SESSIONS. If you are not registered in advance, you will not be able to participate.

Movement Based Training Cleveland County

Movement Based Training Guilford County

Vocabulary Resources

Word of a Day

Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster

Blended Learning

Definition of Blended Learning

Is Blended Learning what you think it is?

Food For Thought

Excellent article - Why So Many Teachers Quit

This is an excellent article that Martin Page shared with district leadership. This article affirms our PLC model and our ERPD model for providing teachers time to work with one another and to research and plan innovative lessons with one another. It also talks about the importance of providing teachers paid time to do this type of planning and research. This is why the district stresses the importance of PLC’s, ERPD, and Job Alike days focused on lesson planning and resources. Looks like we are on the right track! Take a few minutes to read. Why So Many Teachers Quit