All about Maeve

Things that are important to me


I played volleyball for Ramsey and am looking forward to playing again next year. I also used to play softball and swam. I am really good at snowboarding, I have been snowboarding for 7 years, and I continue to do so!

Music and hobbies

I love to play piano. I have been playing for 3 years and am starting a new piano teacher soon. The reason I like to play piano is I love to express myself with music. Ever since I have been young always love a challenge!! My main hobby is speaking French, I have been in the Immersion program for 7 years, and I hope to go to college in France! I am obsessed with France, I went to France for my 10th birthday and I continue to write to my dads host family from Montpellier. My other hobbies are piano, volleyball and hanging out with my friends.

My friends

My famiy heritage

My family heritage

My mom grew up in Waldorf MN and moved to St. Paul to go to nursing school at st.Kates. My dad grew up in Stillwater MN and moved to st.paul to go to school at st.Thomas. My dads family is very Irish, and my mom is 1/4 irish