The amazing country Finland

You will learn about its history By:Maya Hunn

Date that joined European Union and history of Finland

Finland was not a founder of the European Union. Instead it joined the European Union January 1st 1995. Finland was a part of Sweden from the 13th century to 1809. Finland is located Northern of Europe and part of Scandinavia, boarded by Norway,Russia,Sweden.

Finlands flag history

When you first look at Finlands flag all you just see is white and a blue cross. Will its flag has more than just that. The blue coloring of the flag represent thousands of lakes and the sky. The white is to represent the snow when it is winter.
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Cities,capital, and amazing attractions of Finland!

Finlands capital is Helsinki. Helsinki is a beautiful seaside city that has islands for people to explore and restaurants for tourists to eat and try new things. Other than its capital Finland has four major cities. Espoo, Uusimaa , Tampere,Pirkanmaa , Vantaa,Uusimaa, Lahiti, Päjiänne. People should go to Finland because of its attractions. For people who like history you can go to the Finnish national museum. People should go to to the Finnish national museum because the museum illustrates Finnish history from medevial times to the 19th century. Tourist should also go to senate square. People should come here so that they can see the most beautiful architectures.

Physical features, government type, and currency of Finland

The physical features of Finland is that it is border by Norway to the east of Russia. And an archipelago at the entrances to the Gulf of bothinia. The government type of Finland is that it is Republic. The currency type of Finland is the metal coinage. This coin was the first to exchanged to the public in November 1856.

Three interesting facts about Finland

The first interesting fact about Finland is that the country was affected by an ice glaciation which explains why Finland has over 1,000 lakes. The second interesting fact is that 90% of the population in Finland can speak Finnish. Lastly, Finland is three times the size of Ohio.


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