Science Olympiad County Competition

March 5th, 2016

Important Notes:

  • Arrive at Brookwood High School NO LATER than 8:30AM.
  • Parents should arrive no later than 1:45PM for pick-up. Students will have an ice-cream party/celebration following the last event! Parents are welcome to attend and celebrate with us!
  • Please make sure that students are working on their studies at home this week! It is crunch time! We have worked super hard this year to learn everything that we can, but this is the home stretch that can mean the difference between advancing to state and being finished for the season!
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Event List

Block #1 (9:00-9:50)

Don't Bug Me: Jhanvi and Amanuel // Megan and Sapna

Rock Hound: Yash and Oliver

Barge Building: Mahima and Aditi // Caleb and Azalea

Bridge Building: Charlotte and Brooklyn

Block #2 (10:10-11:00)

Wildlife Safari: Aditi and Kyle

Simple Machines: Niheer and Will

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures: Theogracia and Oliver

Straw Egg Drop: JD and Theogracia

Which Way is North: Olivia and Lilibeth // Kylie and Caleb

Block #3 (11:20-12:10)

Grasp a Graph: JD and Mahima // Megan and Sapna

Starry, Starry Night: Jhanvi and Bimi

Paper Rockets: Kyle and Aditi

Save Our Earth: Lilibeth and Praise // Kylie and Azalae

Block #4 (1:00-1:50)

No Bones About It: Praise and Theogracia

Mystery Architecture: Amanuel and Kyle // Megan and Sapna

Weather or Not: Niheer and Charlotte

Straw Tower: Bimi and Brooklyn // Kylie and Caleb


When you get to the school, whether you are staying or not, please walk your child into the building and hand them off to either Mrs.Webb or Mrs.Myers. We are going to need you to sign a form with the phone number that you will be reachable at the day of the tournament in case of emergency!


Our t-shirts are a little late, but we will have them the day of the tournament! Please wear just a simple t-shirt and we will put the Science Olympiad one on over it when you arrive!