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job and occupation

he wrote :

  • persian letters
  • spirit of laws

start of life

Montesquieu was born on January 19 1689 he died on 1755 he went to school in oratorian college de juilly

Montesquieu also had a job he would do Persian and spirit of the laws he was a very political philosopher .

beliefs on goverment

montesquieu beliefs on government was democracy becuase he belived in all that political stuff
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Baron de Montesquieu Biography

most known for

montesquieu was most known for his beliefs on gonverment


montesquieu just thought not every body was equal he tried to change thing and tried people to think the same way mabe some peoplewould not agree with him but some people really agreed


  • he had a wealthy family
  • he was a lawyer at the local goverment
  • he was a phillosopher
  • he was a polital man