Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Established March 8th, 1901

Welcome to Cal Poly | 2015-16

Welcome to California Polytechnic State University

About Cal Poly

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Freshman Selection Criteria

  1. Your intended program of study (the major to which the application is made)
  2. Your college-preparatory courses in secondary school
  3. GPA earned in college-preparatory courses
  4. Standardized test scores
  5. Your extra-curricular activities and work experience

Applicant Process

  1. Fully explore and decide on the major or program to which you want to apply.
  2. Review the selection criteria for your level to ensure you are maximizing your opportunity for selection.
  3. Submit your application online.

Academics and Athletics

  1. 6 schools
  2. 62 possible majors
  3. 10 sports for women
  4. 10 sports for men
  5. Division 1
We Are Mustangs

Club Sports





Women's Volleyball


Field Hockey

Sailing Water Polo

Is this the school for me?

I believe that this is the school for me because it has everything that I want in a college. For example, it has Industrial Technology which is what I want to major in, and it also has Club water polo that I would like to participate in. Also, it is right next to the beach and who wouldn't want to be there? Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a very high ranked school and I think it is the right fit for me.