Hurry Up!

Registration Closes on 1st May 2014

Registration is So Easy!

Terms&Conditions :

  1. Signing up is simple. Just fill in the form, indicate the category, fill in details of your venue and upload some photos of the food/drink/interior (at least 1 photo – horizontal layout). Once your venue is listed online, invite as many people as possible to vote for you.
  2. IMPORTANT: If you register multiple brands (restaurants, bars or cafes) please make sure you use a unique email address for each registration / brand that you register!!!
  3. Organizers reserve the right to check on any unusual entries, photocopies of voting forms, etc.
  4. Winners will be announced in the July issue of NOW! Jakarta as well as online and in a special “Best Restaurant, Bar & Café” booklet.
  5. Committee’s decision is final.
  6. Employees and owners are not allowed to participate.
  7. Restaurants, bars and cafés that join the Photo Contest program must agree to sponsor three prizes as indicated on this page.
  8. Brands with multiple outlets will have to register as a "Multiple Outlets Category" in order to give equal chances to a standalone (single) outlet to win. Restaurant, bar or café chains may register their brands individually per category or cuisine.
  9. Restaurant/Bar/Café must meet the criteria for their intended category to qualify. For the complete details of the criteria for each of the categories, please click HERE.
  10. OPTIONAL :
  • Restaurants, bars or cafés have the option to place the BRBCA 2014 banner at their venue, and voting information / forms at its dining tables or cashier.

So, REGISTER your Restaurant, Bar & Café today and WIN the Awards! The earlier you register the higher the chances of getting most votes! Users can cast one vote per entry per day.