Back to the Future

Tommy Higgins

Sneakers from 1980s to know

Sneakers can know affect how you perform and make you faster but back in the 1980s the shoes were not as nice as they are know.

What Back to the Future Predicted

There was no such thing as a hoverboard back then but know you can say that we sort of have one even though it has wheels.

There was only glasses to see back then and those were not even that good but know we have goggles that we can play games with called google glasses.

What Back to the Future got right about 2015

Technology and Gaming Consoles

You could only use phones back then not even cell phones but know we have facetime and skype.

We only had small arcade games back then but know we don't even need a remote to play with a few consoles like xbox kinect.

Back then we barely had computers but know we have tablets that are touch screen.