Martin Luther

By: Virginia Ortiz, Linsey Peña, Gracie Bagwell

Martin Luther personal history

Martin Luther had changed Christianity when he began the protestant reformation in 16th century Europe

Born in Germany on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben, Saxony. Became one of the most influential figures in Christian in history when he had started the Protestant Reformation. He had questioned the basic tenets of Roman Catholicism his followers soon broke off from the Roman Catholic Church to begin a Protestant tradition

His parents were of a peasant linage at age 7 he had been entered to school because his father hadn’t wanted him to go do mining because it was a tough business and had wanted Martin to become a lawyer instead. At the age 14 Martin Luther went to north to Magdeburg where he continued his studies. In 1498 he had returned to Eisleben and enrolled in a school, studying grammar, rhetoric and logic then later compared his experience to purgatory and hell. In 1501 he had entered University of Erfurt where he received a Master of Arts degree and he had his way to becoming a lawyer. In 1505 luther had life changing course that had changed his course of career

Why Martin Luther is famous

Martin Luther is famous because he had questioned the Roman Catholic Church and had stapled his "Ninety-Five Theses" on their front door in 1517 at Wittenberg, Germany

Impact on reformation

Martin Luther questioning the Church and disagreeing with them had become a doctrine which then turned apparent.

Interesting facts

  • Between 1503- 1505 Martin had experienced a religious crisis which had token him from studying law out of the plan forever.
  • On July 2, 1505 he had been stuck in a severe thunderstorm and had vowed saying if he ever survived this he would become a monk.
  • In 1512 he had received his doctorate in theology. Then was later appointed to teach for the rest of his life.