An Island of Unsurpassable Beauty

The History of Charamabelle

The Island of Charamabelle is a small island off the coast of the Iberian peninsula in the Mediterranean sea, at 39 North and 19 East coordinates. It was under Italian rule since the 16th century and once it gained independence, it became shifted from its traditional monarchical system to a Communist state.

Economic and Political System

Charamabelle has both a Communist Economic System and a Communist Political System. This is due to the fact that economy and political structures are strongly interrelated concepts in geography. A communist government provides complete power to its citizens, and a communist economic system provides equal wealth distribution to the citizens. The political system of a government tends to affect the economic system because of similar ideologies on what is best for the country.

The Communist political system is often misunderstood by the public as an inefficient system. However, Charamabelle is a small, self-sufficient microstate that is geared toward the Communist system. Our food sources (fish, produce, palm oil, etc.) will be distributed equally through rations, and other markets (baskets, bikes, stores, etc.) will provide their services without charge. This makes the separation between the rich and poor nonexistent and riots, poverty, and crime rates limited.

We will highlight the promising prospects of communism ahead.

Benefits of Our Economy

  1. All people are treated equally; Citizens are not discriminated based on economic status, and the class system is nonexistent.
  2. Resources are distributed equally among everyone; Natural resources are divided equally among population, and everyone is provided necessities.
  3. Everyone has job security; The unemployement rate is zero because everyone has an occupation based on their expertise.
  4. Limited competition in industries; There is only one business for each industry, and businesses cannot become bankrupt.
  5. Stable economy; There is not disparity between businesses, allowing for a constant economic flow.

Scenic Snapshots