SAT Scores and Next Steps

You've taken the SAT, now what?

SAT Scores Are Now Available!

If you previously set up a CollegeBoard account you likely received an email that your SAT scores are available to view online. If you have not previously set one up, you will need to create a free CollegeBoard account. You can find the directions in one of our previous newsletters, CollegeBoard Access.

If you took a make-up SAT, your scores may not be available yet and will be released when they are scored.

Re-Taking the SAT

Depending on your SAT score and what you'd like to do after high school, re-taking the SAT may be in your best interest. A higher SAT score could make a difference in college admissions, or it could qualify you for more money through merit-based scholarships.

Check out the CollegeBoard website for a list of Upcoming National SAT Test Dates. You would register online for an upcoming test date through your CollegeBoard account. Make sure to register before the initial deadline to avoid a late registration fee.

Many of our students will opt to register for the August 26th SAT test date for re-takes. This gives you ample time to prepare over the summer months and your scores will be available during the time colleges will be receiving and reviewing the first wave of college applications. For prep over the summer, make sure to link your previous test scores (PSAT and now SAT) to your Khan Academy account. This will prescribe practice for you that is most relevant to where your scores can improve.

The Counseling Office also has fee waivers for any students on free or reduced lunch who would like to register for a re-take on a national SAT test date. Come down to request one from your counselor.

What About the ACT?

The ACT is another test which serves the same purpose as the SAT in college admissions. The ACT is no longer administered to all students in Michigan, but you can still take it if you would like. Some students feel as though they may perform better on the ACT. Colleges in Michigan will look at your highest score, regardless of whether it's on the SAT or ACT.

You would register for an Upcoming National ACT Test Date much the same way you would for SAT, though on ACT's website. The Counseling Office has fee waivers available for ACT as well for students on free or reduced lunch.

Congratulations on Surviving the SAT!

Huron Valley School Counselors