Kindergarten Times

February 2013

Thank you :)

Thank you to all parents for your patience and help over the past few weeks. There has been a lot of information to remember and organize.

Here are few reminders for this busy time:

  • Please send in labeled shoes and extra clothes.
  • Send your child folder in their backpack every day.
  • Please leave all toys at home to avoid any unwanted mishaps.
  • Communicable diseases can be spread quickly in a setting where children play closely together. It is very important to asses your child prior to bringing him/her to school. When your child is ill he/she must be kept home.
  • Please note that our school is a nut free facility.
  • Your child will be bringing a “mystery box” home, please follow the instruction inside the box and return it the next day.
  • Show and tell will be every Friday(one item please).

Look what we’re studying. . .

LA : we are going to start our new set of letters(g, o u, l, f, b)

Math: numbers 14-20, 3-D shapes

Science: Habitat and more details on animals e.g. mammals, reptiles, Birds, insects and spiders..

Arabic: Letters س, ش, ص and ض.

Health: Healthy eating according to Canada’s food guide.

Art: Mixing colours and exploring the elements of design (line and texture
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