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How to properly collect water

Storing Water

  • Store at least one gallon a day per person, for at least three days.
  • Sealed store bought bottles should be replaced as needed.
  • If filling your own bottles, collect water from a safe supply.
  • Store water in thoroughly washed containers.
  • Seal water containers tightly.
  • Replace water every six months.

Purify by Boiling

If your water is unsafe this is the best method to kill bacteria

  1. Water taken from Rain, Lakes, Rivers and Streams, Natural Springs, and Ponds should be boiled.
  2. Bring the water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before removing the heat.
  3. Let the water cool before drinking.
  4. Add two drops of bleach per gallon of water to store it.

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Purify by Bleach

Note; Cloudy water should be filtered before adding bleach

  • Treat water by using household bleach such as Clorox, or Purex.
  • The bleach must be between 5.25 and 8.25 percent Chlorine. READ THE LABEL.
  • Avoid bleaches with additives. READ THE LABEL.
  • Add water to a Clean container and using the table below.

    Volume of Water to be TreatedBleach Solution to Add

    1 quart/1 liter 5 drops

    1/2 gallon/2 quarts/2 liters 10 drops

    1 gallon 1/4 teaspoon

    5 gallons 1 teaspoon

    10 gallons 2 teaspoons

  • Mix for at least 60 minutes before dinking,

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