April 3 - 9

Tomorrow: No Fee Friday! Apply for 2013-2014 Housing! Free Pizza!

Friday, April 5th 2013 at 1-3pm

18612 Beardslee Blvd, Bothell, WA 98011

Join us for FREE pizza & lemonade + waived application fees for 13-14, tomorrow from 1-3pm at the Community Center!!

Fire Drill Recap

We appreciate your cooperation and patience with this week's fire drills. We are mandated to do these quarterly and they are performed with your safety in mind.

As a reminder, please be sure to evacuate promptly EVERY time you hear the alarm. Head to your relevant evacuation point and check in with any staff present.

When the alarm is going off, please be sure to call 911, report your street address, your building name AND the unit number where the fire is located.

Panera Bread: Moving Times

Like the bread in the Community Center? Note that it'll now be moving from Thursdays and available on Friday Evenings!

Take your trash to the dumpster

As a reminder, please do not place your household trash in the small garbage cans outside of your stairwells. These cans are intended for small items (coffee cups, receipts, fast food in your car) as you walk to and from your apartment. Putting your household trashbags or pizza boxes in these receptacles clogs them and prevents others from using them. Please bring these items to the large green dumpsters on site.

Save the Date: Housing Selection Night

On April 23rd at 7pm we'll host Housing Selection Night, which will give returning residents the opportunity to select their room and roommates for next year! At 6pm that evening we'll host a Meet Your Match program for people needing roommates! More details to follow in your email!

Summer Housing Available! Applications for 2013-2014 now open!

Stay with us this summer! Only $1650 to live in Husky Housing and that includes $200 of Flex Dollars! Apply at http://www.uwb.edu/housing/apply.

Earth Day at UWB!

Earth Day Celebration 2013 will be the 3rd annual campus-wide event to promote sustainability, environmentally-friendly practices, and to educate the public on ways to better improve our community and earth. Many local organizations will attend to educate people about the mission of their businesses and to advertise for volunteer, internship, and job opportunities. Also, student organizations will have activities that are related to recycling and sustainability, and there will be presentations from undergraduates, professors, and local organizations about study abroad research on agriculture, climate change, and on continuing sustainability efforts on campus and in the community.

The Sustainability Organization is seeking students to volunteer on Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd. Volunteers are needed to manage the Sustainability Organization table and to hand out flyers, to plant native vegetation in the wetlands, to create UW Bothell’s new “W”, and to help special guests on educating people about goats, electric cars, and many more things.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Earth Day Celebration 2013 or if you would like to find some more information about it, email Aaron at aaronphuston@gmail.com.


Check out the food page for more information about on-campus dining options and this week's menu from Mom's Fine Foods!