by: Veronica Roth

Five characteristics

Stand together

fight for what is right

love till the end

live together and die together

Win the battle at hand

Theme song

Is beyond walls


Joseph Trapanese because it resembles how the people make their way outside of the walls of the city. These, wall where to keep the people away so that they wouldn't see most of the wreckage from basically WW3. So this is my theme song because it resembles their lives behind walls and getting past them.


1. “She taught me all about real sacrifice. That it should be done from love... That it should be done from necessity, not without exhausting all other options. That it should be done for people who need your strength because they don't have enough of


. Chapter 50

2. .“The person you became with her is worth being.” Pg : 73

3. "I use to think about giving my life for things, but I didn't understand what 'giving your life' really was until it was right there, about to be taken from me. pg: 580


Stand together as one all the same or not fight for what is right.

Power of forgiveness

Background on Allegiant

After Tris lies her way out of jail she's approached by a group called the Allegiant, whose goal is to get out of the city. This plan is looking better and better because Evelyn Tobias's mom, is enacting stringent rules to keep the citizens of the city under her control. So Tris and Tobias are trying to exit the city with this group and have multiple blocks in their way with guards and people just trying to keep them in the city. But also having problems with one another and don't like one another for about half of their journey of constant ups and downs.

Explanation of characteristics

Stand together: This is a characteristic that four and Tris and Tobias all have and they have to stand together to survive and find a successful way to exit the city with the Allegiant.

Fight for what is right: This is a characteristic that all of the divergent


because they are not allowed to live and they are feared among, many people and they have to prove that they shouldn't be feared and fight to be accepted.

Win the battle at hand: Is a characteristic that shows that they can't focus on the future or the past they just have to take what is coming at them and overcome it at the moment and not in the future.

Explanation of quotations

Quotation #1: Is that when you have a life like a divergent and you are not accepted and not loved for anything you do you have to know how to sacrifice things even though you love them and have to do it without hesitation.

Quotation #2: Shows that you should be proud of the person that you are and never give up on yourself who you are is who you are and that is a good thing.

Quotation #3: Now shows you that sometimes you can be dragged into a certain idea so hard that you lose all thought of everything around you that you don't even realise it. And you can't tell what is going to happen before it is right there in front of you.

Explanation of Themes

Theme #1: This is a theme because in this book and movie Tris and four are both


and they are as they sound a different type of person and they are feared by the people so the Divergents have to stand together to win the power over the regular people.

Theme #2: The power of forgiveness is key in this time for the Allegiant group and for Tris, Tobias, and Four mostly. This is because Tris and Tobias along with some members of the Allegiant get into heated arguments. They, end up not talking to each other for several days but will eventually makeup and then be fine and move on.

Allegiant Soundtrack - Beyond The Wall (Joseph Trapanese)