Medical Discoveries

of the 18th century


The 18th century medical process did not have that much of an effect on the era, because doctors did not know how diseases were caused until the end of the century. So they basically used whatever they thought would be strong enough to kill the disease, but ended up making it worse or causing death.

Discoveries/ accomplishments of the era!

  • The first plastic surgery was performed in England,1814
  • In 1822 they created a vaccine for rabies, by drying the spines of rabbits with diseases
  • In 1885 Louis Pasteur successfully gave a rabies shot to a boy who had been bitten by a dog

Those who contributed to the developments/discoveries

  • Rene Laennec specialized in the diseases of the chest, and he invented the stethoscope in 1816.
  • John Huxham differentiated typhus and typhoid
  • Florence Nightingale was the founder of "Modern Nursing"

Beliefs or theories related to the diseases

Samuel Hannemann had a theory to treat you with a drug producing the same symptoms but in a small quantity the theory is doubly fault. An example would be a headache it may be a symptom of influenza, meningitis, A brain tumor, high blood pressure, or a migraine, they each require a separate treatment rather than a cure for a headache.