The Trouble With Curfew

By: Briana Greco

Should Curfew Hours be Extended?

Several people are complaining about the curfew hours while others are completely fine with it and might even believe that it should be lowered. Thus, the topic of Curfew hours being extended is constantly brought up. I personally believe that the hours of curfew should be extended on certain days, like, over the summer, weekends, and on holidays.

The Cons of Extending the Curfew Hours

"The first thing that comes to mind is child abduction and, of course, violent crime, if they are out that late at night, then there is a high risk of being a victim of a crime.(Meyer)" The main reason people are voting against extending the curfew hours is because they believe that more crime is likely to happen at night.

Beliefs About Curfew Hours

"I don't think [curfews] have any place in a free society.(ProQuest Staff)" Curfews are going against our rights as a society. Having to be in the house and out of the streets by a certain time is insane. Knowing that you can be walking down the street causing absolutely no trouble and could possibly get arrested is crazy.


In conclusion, I believe that the hours of curfew should be extended depending on the day. If it is summer, holidays, and weekends I believe that curfew hours should be longer than they are right now. Although, crime is a possibility during the night, it is also a huge possibility during the day. No matter what time of day it is crime is a major possibility.

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