Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

February 7, 2014

Important Reminders:

-Classroom Celebration is next Friday (We'll also exchange Valentine's)


-Conference sign up is approaching

-Please complete the 2nd quarter survey with your student (It's linked on our planner)

-Check the planner daily and have your child SHOW you the work that they've done

-Your child is responsible for 1 reading and 1 math Scoot Pad assignment EACH night

-If your child has a library card, please send to school on Monday! We'll be setting up "overdrive" on your child's iPad so that he/she can check out ebooks from the Brown County library. (This is so cool!)

This week....

This week, we spent a lot of time talking about following directions and making sure we do at every/any task. The students were given 2 different following directions quizzes. The first one, only 1 student passed. This was eye opening to many students who thought that they follow directions. They discussed that they need to slow down and really read first before diving in.

Math-We assessed unit 5 measurement and will be starting fractions next week! Please have your students use SplashMath on their iPads to practice skills taught in class.

Daily 5-Book clubs! Students are working in their book clubs on "Close Reading"-We're also working on our accuracy and being able to self-correct errors as we read.

ELA-This week we reviewed FACT vs. OPINION. The students participated in centers where they were responsible to collaborate in groups to accomplish various activities related to the topic. (This was great!)

Writing-Students spent the week finishing their research projects for S.S.

Social Studies-Native American Projects! (Presented Thursday)

Next week we're starting to talk about our Demonstration Speeches. These are REALLY fun, and the students are given the freedom to choose any topic that they want to demonstrate the process to. This can be a cooking activity, sport, what ever they choose. Stay tuned for more info. coming Monday! -- Please be prepared to help your child with this process!

In Other News....

We had the "Health Talk" on Wednesday, if you haven't spoken to your child about the talk, please have that conversation to help him/her feel more comfortable with asking you questions re: the changes their bodies will be experiencing.

Please help your child remember to bring a snack every day. Many children are forgetting to bring snacks and our cabinet is quite bare of spare snacks.

ALSO: We're in great need of more sticky notes and pencils! :) If you are able to donate any, we'd appreciate it!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary

"A Person's A Person, No Matter How Small"