6th Grade Technology

Sullivan T. Wygralak


In the ITrailer project, you are tasked in making a movie about anything.

You can make it about a vacation you had, or a superhero dog!

This project was really fun, and i hope it will also be fun for you!

Explain Everything

In the Explain Everything, you are tasked to choose a math problem out of a list and solve it.

after being solved, you will put the equation into an Explain Everything.

Then, you will have to record yourself talking through how to solve it.

Haiku Deck

In Haiku Deck, you are tasked to make a Flip Book about your dream job.

You have to include information on What you do in the job

Also, It must include at least 10 slides


In Coding, you are tasked to use blocks that snap together to make a line of code

Out of all the class projects, this one was my favorite, also the most confusing

Also, the coding project was just like a videogame

Career Locker

In Career Locker, you are tasked to do some tests that will tell you your learning style.

Even though it is being taught to you in technology, you will be taught by someone else.

You may get some free time to go on the 5th grade career locker for a limited time.

Learn to Type

In Learn to Type, you are tasked to go to a typing site and do some lessons to learn how to type.

In your class time, you have to get 6 lessons done for a 3, and 12 done for a 4.

In typing, it was hard, but it was also fun.