Bertolet's Bulletin

February 8-12, 2016

Virtual Reality Rocks!

We are so excited about our new virtual reality View Masters we got from Donors Choose.

Happy Groundhog Day!

We learned about Punxsutawney Phil and made predictions. He didn't see his shadow - so, Oh happy day, according to Phil, we are in for an early spring ! :-)

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What We Will Be Learning


Animals that can be Pets

Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Making animal comparisons

President's Day

Sight Words:

they, of


We are starting to write more than one sentence about one topic. We have to remember to do a GOOD WRITER's CHECK after every sentence.

----- A Good Writer's Check -----

Is there a Capital Letter at the beginning

Are there Spaces between your words

Do you have an end mark at the end


We will be working with measuring tools to measure length, and counting by 5's.

Special Class Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music/Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Library

Friday: Gym

Let's Celebrate!!

Our 100 Club Members now include:

Clayton, Esaul, Richard, Justice, Tegan, Conway, Kyson, Jacob, Jaydon, Moises, Christopher, Kayden, Prestin, Siang, Trevon, Fabian, Jonathan, Aubrey, Kaleigha, Singo, Ja'Keyna

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Popcorn Bowls:

These people are in our 1st and 2nd popcorn bowls and are working on the 3rd one.

You have to know all popcorn words for the quarter to get into the popcorn bowl. At the end of the year if you are in all 4 Bowls - you get to have a POPCORN PARTY!!

Sight Words You Should Know by Now

Bowl 1:

I, can, love, the, we, see, a, in, like, at

Bowl 2:

yes, no, to, am, and, it, go, be, you, not, do, on, by, my, did, are, that

Bowl 3:

with, he, is, little, she, was, from, your, for, have,

Important Information /Announcements

* Monday, February 15, is President's Day - No School

* We are in need of Erasers and glue sticks. If you are willing and able to donate these items, it would be most appreciated.

* Valentine's Day cards are due by Thursday if you are sending in any for the class. Please do not put individual student names on the cards as it makes handing them out too time consuming. Just have your child put his/her name so that we can tell who it is from.

* Please remember that READING LOGS are due on Mondays.