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Rockbrook's Weekly Updates - Sept 25, 2020

New District and School Website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new District and School Websites. We are still finishing up a few updates, but these are now up and running, and ready for families. New improvements include greater mobile compatibility, navigation, and the ability for families to create an account to personalize calendars and content to focus on the schools their child attends!
Next Community Club Meeting - October 6th

We believe we will be approved for evening at-school meetings for this date and are also looking to offer virtual access for parents who would prefer to participate remotely.

Community Club Room Parents Still Needed

This year the role of the Room Parents may look a little different. During the 1st quarter school events have been postponed and we hope to know by the end of September what 2nd quarter will look like. In the meantime we yet have some great ways that Room Parents can contribute to the success of Rockbrook!

  • Teacher Support Gifts - We know that if we take care of our teachers they'll take care of our kids! This year we'd like to encourage families to donate gift cards, treats and other supports to help our teachers during these challenging times. Room parents are a key point of contact to help promote these efforts and come up with ideas for how we can support the hard working staff at our school.
  • TAGG & Dining Out Reminders - Two ways our school can easily help raise money to support our kids is through TAGG and our Dining out Nights. Room Parents can help us be that reminder to their class's families to be a part of these efforts and also give families a chance to connect.
  • PARTIES - COMING SOON WE HOPE! - We should know by the end of September what class parties and school-wide activities will look like. Our hope is that we will once again be able to have parents facilitating these in person, but if not, we will still need our Room Parents to help coordinate donations, planning that the teacher could implement, and ideas that can make these fun events possible for our kids. Room Parents fill an important role when it comes to contacting volunteers.

We hope you'll consider signing up as a Room Parent or a contributor for one or all of these ways that we can help to support our school. #BulldogStrong

Parent-Teacher Communication

This year we will be using a different method to discuss your child's progress. To keep spaces de-densified we will be holding Parent-Teacher Communication Calls, Emails, and Webex Meetings rather than in-person conferences. Teachers will be reaching out to give you an idea of when they might be in contact in the coming weeks. The primary day designated for this communication is October 15th, however, if families need to be contacted at other times this may be arranged by your child's teacher. We want all families to have some opportunity to discuss their child's progress so far this year in school.

Downloading Webex for Parent Use

At this time we would encourage families wanting to meet via Webex with their teacher to download the application to their personal device. It's available for a variety of devices and can be accessed with or without an account.

Be sure to download the blue Meetings App, not Teams

Please Help Us With Safe Traffic at Drop Off & Pick Up

Thank you to everyone who is helping with this year's adjustments to drop-off and pick-up. As we work to make these times efficient while maintaining safe spacing of students, we appreciate a little extra patience at these busy times. Our typical dismissal takes less than 15 minutes, often less than 10.

North Lot:

  • If possible it is best to drop off or pick up your child in the traffic loop. Many of our traffic jams occur when students are needing to cross traffic or when cars need to pull out from parking spots.
  • If your child needs assistance buckling in, this is one time that it is preferable to park in a parking spot rather than the traffic line.
  • If your child is not in their pick-up location after school, please make a second loop using the left-hand lane. The right-hand lane is reserved for exiting.
  • For older students, consider having them walk to an adjacent street (see diagram of recommended locations). Students can be picked up behind the school on 109th, cross at Castelar, or cross at Martha Street. In the past, some families have also picked up by parking at the north side of the field along Martha to wait for their child.
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South Lot

  • The South Lot is typically reserved for Kindergarten students and their siblings.
  • For drop off, we ask that older siblings walk up to the north end if you want to drop them both off at the South Lot.
  • For pick-up, older siblings will meet their kindergarten siblings at the South Lot to make pick up easier.

For either lot, if you do need to get out of your vehicle we ask that both children and adults 5 years and older wear masks if they will be closer than 6ft to students and staff at any time.

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Remembering to Watch Our Distance

We want to be State Champions in the 3 W's at Rockbrook. Wear our Mask, Wash Our Hands, Watch Our Distance. This week we focused on maintaining distance where possible, keeping 1 arm apart even when wearing our mask. The hardest times for this are arrival, recess, and dismissal, so we appreciate your help in talking with your child to help remind them of this expectation.
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Student Health Screening

Dear Parents:

In compliance with Nebraska State Requirements (Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-248), Westside School District, will be providing a General Health Screening for new students and all students in grades K-4. This screening will include height, weight, vision and hearing. All data will be kept confidential. Our goal is to begin screenings September 21, and have them completed by December 18, 2020. We will adhere to COVID 19 guidelines with social distancing and cleaning of equipment. You will receive a letter from the District Nurses if the screening results are abnormal or any concerns arise with the results.


Garret Higginbotham, Principal

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CARES Act - Free Meals for Westside Students

Hello, Westside families,

We have great news! The USDA and NDE Nutrition Services have provided additional funding as an extension of the CARES act due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice all Westside current K-12 students will receive breakfast and lunch meals for FREE. This opportunity will run through the end of the calendar year 2020 or until directed by the NDE Nutrition Services. Meals included are all student meals served in Westside Community Schools as well as those meals taken home for extended campus learning. (Any extra servings, bottled water, or grab and go items above and beyond a complete breakfast and lunch will be charged accordingly.) We are hopeful this will help our students and families as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing needs to be done to receive the benefits of this program.

Please note, while this program will run retroactively from September 1, we strongly encourage you, if you have not already, to fill out our Free/Reduced Meals Application. This could benefit your family when this extension ends. CLICK HERE to review: ALL STUDENTS at WESTBROOK and WESTGATE Elementary Schools receive FREE MEALS under the Nebraska Department of Education’s Community Eligibility Provision. This will stay in effect for the entire school year.

For all extended campus learning we will continue to provide take home meals. Pick-up will take place each Wednesday at your child’s school through the remainder of the first quarter. We will follow the same practices we have had in place since the start of the school year, and need all families who intend to use this service to sign up so we have enough meals available. CLICK HERE to sign up (this is anonymous, but will allow our Nutrition Services team to prepare as needed.)

For meals taken for extended campus learning, please note the following:

  • We will provide 1 day or 5 days worth of lunch or breakfast and lunch for each child in your household, depending on need.
  • Pick-up times are 8:30 AM-12:30 PM each Wednesday at your child’s school. There is also a 4:00 PM-6:00 PM pick-up option for K-8 students at the WMS and WHS and West Campus students at WHS.
  • When you arrive, please tell the front office you are there to pick-up meals, and a nutrition service member will bring the meals to you.

Finally, please know we have additional resources available at Westside Community Schools to ensure our students and families are supported. If you would like to access the Westside Food Pantry or the Westside Clothing Closet, please contact your child’s principal or Director of Student Services Robert Aranda at These resources are available to our families on an anonymous and private basis.

Thank you!

Westside Community Schools

Rockbrook Calendar

With situations changing frequently, this year's events calendar will be primarily digital, to allow us to update regularly. You can use your favorite calendaring software to subscribe to our Rockbrook Public Calendar by visiting our calendar section of our website and using the .ics file for applications like Calendar on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or using the Google Calendar Subscription for other platforms.

Emotional Wellbeing

Due to changes in the way school looks and feels as well as the world around us we know Social Emotional Learning is a critical part of children's time at school. Teachers are infusing even more lessons than last spring to help support students in managing thoughts and feelings during this confusing time.

In addition, this year we have expanded our curriculum, SecondStep, to include their Bullying prevention program.

If your child is experiencing particular difficulties (whether related to the pandemic or other life circumstances) and you would like to explore options for additional support we encourage you to contact our School Psychologist, Ms. Davis ( who can help in coordinating additional supports and resources.

Specials - September 28th - October 9th

Our specials are currently operating on a 2 week cycle to reduce the number of students they come in contact with during a typical week. For the next two week's Rockbrook's Specials will be Music and Art. The Specials website is still the place to go, but lesson swill be posted rather than live.

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Access to Rockbrook will be limited to current students, current staff, approved vendors and contractors, and invited visitors with administrative approval. Until further notice, no other visitors will be permitted. For more specific information, please view the district’s pandemic return to learn plan.
Check out Westside Community Schools Online Lunch Menu!

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Welcome to Rockbrook Elementary - Home of the Bulldogs

Rockbrook Mission:

The mission of Rockbrook Elementary School, a diverse community of learners, is to foster learning by providing a quality educational experience within a secure and challenging environment.

Rockbrook School Design Goal:

At Rockbrook we will support significant growth in student math skills through high-quality instruction and differentiation to promote student success on classroom, district, and state assessments.