Research Report

By Scarlett Clark

International Labour Organization


ILO follows four principles, these principles include; freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of forced or compulsory labour, the abolition of child labour and the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. They as an organisation aim to make these principles universal and respected within every corporation towards all workers. These principles are made to recognize that economic growth alone is not enough to ensure equity and social progress and can also prevent poverty. They also try to keep a follow up procedure were they check to make sure that corporations are obeying the principles they have set up. These principles are set up so that the world of work is stable and equal among many different countries as ILO recognises its essential priority as promoting human rights in the workforce.

ILO (International Labour Organization)

Video Summary

This video is trying to sumarise what the International Labor Organisation stands for and how their work affects the community. It tries to walk people through life in the work space and what to expect. This video is targeted for youth looking for a job and to know where to start. It also goes through the standard rights and responsibilities of the employers and employees.

Article Summary

New York Times, June 3 2013

This article is about a report The International Labour Organization made and the exceedingly low employment rate since the Global Financial Crisis compared to 2008. The global issue it is connected with is the GFC as it confronts the setbacks it has had on the employment rates. In the article it states that employment rate is 55.7 percent which is 1 percent lower than before the GFC, this is translated into 31 million people without jobs. The affect the GFC has had on countries with already low employment is mentioned as countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Portugal stating that the crisis has not ended for them. In relation to the ILO this article states that in certain areas although jobs have increased in recent times the quality of jobs has decreased.

International Labour Organization Efficiency

I believe that the ILO do a good job as they try to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. They have a big responsibility and are a very important organization especially right now in relation to the GFC. I think that the problems they address are ongoing and pressing. They work well with developing and developed countries as seen in the video they try to raise awareness on the rules and regulations of the workplace. They obviously have a lot of space for improvement as Labour around the world isn't the best it could be but I believe that the International Labour Organization dose a good job and is vital in today’s world.

World Vision Australia

Aims & Principles

Relief and development: implementing best practice programs overseas and in Australia to save lives and build sustainable communities.

Policy change: advocating to change government and institutional policies in Australia and internationally to benefit people in need.

Synergy and effectiveness: striving to be a collaborative, efficient and effective organisation that we are proud of and others speak highly of.

Engaging Australia: continuing to educate Australians about the causes of poverty and encouraging involvement in alleviating poverty and its causes.

Christian engagement: increasing our stakeholders’ understanding of the Christian message of personal growth, social justice and the development of our spiritual lives in relevant ways.

These are the aims and principles of World Vision Australia. This also shows practices they go through to make the aims a reality. Their main principles are based on the organizations Christian approach and selfless service.

How child sponsorship works | World Vision Australia

Video Summary

I believe that this video does a great job of spreading its sponsorship program to the public. It's strategy is to make the watchers empathetic as they see families similar to there own go through struggles. It is also to send hope that this organization is making a difference to these people lives and that watchers have the ability to contribute by donating. It gives information about World Vision and the communities the organization help.

Article Summary

SMH, August 19 2013

This article is about Bernard Barron, who spent his life serving others by working with World Vision Australia and spreading it around the world. This article is relevant to World Vision as it documents the expansion and journey it has gone through with the help of Barron. This shows the success of the organisation and how it was taken aboard by Australians. This article doesn't relate to a global problem upfront but its purpose is to inspire young Australians to see the importance and prestige in getting involved in Charities in an effort to solve global problems. The problem Barron addressed as stated in the article include famine in developing countries especially Africa as he established World Visions presence there. Barron faced many issues and sought to empower people and communities.

World Vision Efficiency

I believe that World Vision is effective in achieving its aims and principles. It has helped a lot of communities and most of these communities have continued on there own to make progress. Although there is some speculation on whether the money donated actually goes towards helping others. I think that whatever money is received is better than nothing and I believe that they also raise a lot of awareness about poverty and famine. The organisation has been running for 47 years and has had a huge impact on citizens and encouraged more people to volunteer and more charities to form.