Stages of Development, 15-18 Months

By: Jason, Austin, and Madyson


During this time period, a child should be able to point at things they desire. They also should point at body parts you name, understand simple commands and might have 10-15 words in their vocabulary. A child might pretend play, use objects for correct action ( shakes bells to ring, etc.)


Be there for your toddler: to become independent and self-confident, he needs your help. He wants to explore, but he also wants you around. It means a lot to him if you’re nearby while he wanders. He knows you’re there, which is why he often looks back to you. Ultimately be there for your child.


He’ll love to cuddle you and give you a kiss and walk more on his or her own. If they have been walking for a while then he or she may start running or climb stairs and furniture. The toddler will also be able to use a spoon, drink from a cup, scribble, or build a tower of blocks. The toddler will begin to pick up little things like pebbles or crumbs, and try to take their own clothes off.


They start to be more curious about everything! Your toddler might be very self-conscious during this time, and might even be embarrassed when he realizes other people are looking at him. They start to understand things better, like a spoon isn't for chewing on and hitting it on a pan, but for stirring and eating.


A child this age should have a small vocabulary; words such as "mama" or dada", etc. They also may be able to play "pretend", they should be able to start using items in their design (spoons for eating ,etc.)

Toys and Games

Some of the toys a child of this age should use would be; balls, climbing sets, and swings, etc. (toys you think a little kid would use). Games this age would include mini basketball, pretend, playing on jungle gyms, etc,