Ms. Webster's Third Grade Class

Our Classroom News Brief

This Week in Third Grade

We have a lot to do this week, both in terms of catching up from the snow and as we dive deeper into the third quarter. Please check your student's blue folders for homework and important letters home. Coming up this week we have:

Report Cards Go Home- Today! Please check your child's blue folder and return the signed report card to school as soon as possible.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing- Tuesday, February 2 and Wednesday February 3. Please have your students in class on time and ready to get to work.

Ms. Webster Out- I will be out of the class on Thursday, February 4 for an all-day math training. The students will continue their work as usual.

Internet Safety Training- Friday, February 5 the students will take part in an Internet Safety and Google Classroom training with our Digital Lead Teacher Ms. Eggett.

As for our content this week, we begin a short unit on area and perimeter that should wrap up by the end of this week. We will also conclude our week of Inspirational Math and turn our focus towards the CCSS Math Practices. We are working on proofreading and editing our 7 Habit's of a Happy Me books in writing. In science we will begin our unit on landforms on Tuesday.

Tuvan Throat Singers Visit Claxton

Students at Claxton had a special chance to participate in a presentation organized by the music teacher, Mr. Butler. We had the honor to watch Alash, a group of musicians specializing in the unique art of Tuvan throat singing. I was very impressed with our class' respect and attention during a very interesting and informative concert.

For more information on the group, you may visit their website here:

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Persons of the Week

Regretfully, we did not properly celebrate our Person of the week last week. Before I go on to present this week's PotW, let me take a moment to celebrate Phoneix Davis. Phoneix was chosen as last week's PotW for her willingness to learn from her mistakes in math. Phoneix is a model of perseverance and grit and is working hard to cultivate a growth mindset.

This week our Person of the Week is Kam'ron Sconiers. Kam'ron was chosen for his self-control and communication skills. Last week, when frustrated by an assignment he asked to take a moment in our classroom Zen Zone. When he came back, calm and collected, he expressed his confusion with the assignment and helped me to plan a clearer document to help students plan their writing. As a result of Kam's communication skills and self-control, many of our teammates were more successful during our writing time. Thanks for the contribution Kam!

Parent Survey

Please complete the attached survey and return to school with your child. They will receive a homework pass if these are returned to me by the end of the week. You may also bring it with you on Friday. The information you provide will help me make sure that information flows more effectively between home and school.

Betts Webster

3rd Grade Teacher

Claxton Elementary