Exciting Things are Happening!

In my opinion anyways... :)

Makerspace Up and Running......

Thank you to Mr. Smith, Mrs. Burnfin, Miss Chavarria, and Mr. Huff for sharing your kids with me in the library as they explore and build!
Please let me know if you have ANY projects that you want to try out in the library! I will help you find supplies and whatever else you need me to do :)

William Allen White Quizzes

"Reading is a discount ticket to anywhere!" -Mary Schmich

Thank you so much for allowing your kids to come take quizzes with me in the mornings! We have a school full of responsible helpers. They are always willing to help me when we get crowded in here.
Mrs. Law, Miss Chavarria, and Miss Votypka's kids have been frequent flyers in our library! They are currently in the lead with the most quizzes taken. :)


BSIC Library Media Madness!