Saginaw ISD

Kathy L. Stewart, Superintendent (989) 249-8700


TO: SISD Team Members

FROM: Kathy Stewart

DATE: May 4, 2016

SUBJECT: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

This week provides national recognition to educators that serve children across our country. Know that I join in all the announcements and messages that are posted on social media and other electronic communication resources in sharing my appreciation for ALL SISD team members that serve our children. Because each one of us plays a role in helping students in one way or another, every SISD team member deserves recognition for the services you provide. Thank you for the kindness and patience you display to our students; thank you for the support and encouragement you provide each and every day; thank you for being part of the great team that makes up our SISD community.

Whether your students are children, adults, families, etc., thank you for all you do. This might be a bit cheesy, but know that my appreciation runs deep.


Kathy Stewart

SISD Superintendent

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