Titanic Survivor Rosa Abbott

By George Lucero

Passenger's Personal Information

Rosa Abbott was born on January 14, 1873 she was 39 years old when she went on the Titanic. She was traveling with her son's, Mr. Rossmore Edward Abbott, and her other son, Mr. Eugene Joseph Abbott. Rosa Abbott and her children all survived the sinking of the Titanic.

The Ship

The Titanic was approximately 882 feet long and was also 96 feet in height.The Titanic was unsinkable was that it had been designed so if only the first four water tight compartments were flooded the Titanic would still be able to float.Rosa Abbott was a third class passenger and she paid 250 EUROS. Third class accommodations were not as fancy as first or second class accommodations but they were very simple with four bunks, a faucet and a mirror.

Disaster and Rescue

At 11:40 Fleet saw a huge, dark shape loomed out of the night directly ahead of the Titanic. Fleet quickly sounded the bell three times he also picked up the telephone, Fleet said to the duty officer "Iceberg right ahead," then the officer ordered the wheel to turn as far as it could go and the engine room was told to reverse the engines.Although the crew tried to avoid the iceberg it was too late the iceberg had struck on a glancing blow on the Titanic starboard bow. Finally the Titanic started sinking after a couple of hours and Rosa Abbott was rescued on lifeboat A and the ship that rescued her w2as the Carpathia.
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Life After The Titanic

Rosa Abbott live in East Providence,Rhode Island.She lived with her two kids Mr.Eugene Joseph Abbott and Mr.Rossmore Edward Abbott. Rosa Abbott died around Monday February 18 IN 1946.