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Hi! I am Computer Genie and can help you right now.
No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can connect to the Internet, I will be able to assist you with many different procedures like:

  • Removing viruses from your computer using tools I trust
  • Optimize your computer to work faster and more efficiently by removing unnecessary programs running in the background from the moment you start up your computer
  • Diagnose and tell you exactly what is slowing your computer down
  • Move computer files; help with setting up vital backups

You name it; I can help! My experience covers all aspects of computers from desktop publishing, to design, to troubleshooting and repairs.

Computer Genie helps get rid of the headaches by solving your computer problems.
It's easy to get started. Let me help.

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Get help now before any problem gets worse. After a session with Computer Genie, your computer (or you) will be refreshed and back up to speed.

Ask and receive. I can help you. Believe it!

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